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Children's Centre Research Papers
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Is Sure Start a Success?

An evaluation of the impact of Sure Start Local Programmes on seven year olds and their families

Highly effective leadership in Children's Centres
This report reflects research by NFER for the National College and points out good features of leadership and delivery

Starting Well Report
CREC has recently been involved in the construction of a white paper about preschools in 45 different countries. The four index categories are: the ‘Availability’, ‘Affordability’ and ‘Quality’ of their preschool environments, as well as the broad ‘Social context’, which examines how healthy and ready for school children are. 


Transforming Early Years: different, better, lower cost services for children and their families
The Transforming Early Years Programme January 2010 - July 2011



More great childcare: Raising quality and giving parents more choice January 2013

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Children's Centre Research Papers
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