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Leading Change - March 2012
Our March 2012 edition is themed 'Leading Change', please follow the link from the flipbook to access or click on the picture of the cover to download a full printable PDF version.

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Books featured in this issue of Children's Centre Leader Reader:
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Books featured in Leading Change we are unable to source but that may be available from your local library:

Coch, L., and French, J, R, P., (jnr) (1948) “Overcoming Resistance to Change”. Human Relations. Vol.1no.4 pp.512-532

Graetz, F., Rimmer, M., Lawrence, A., and Smith, A. (2006) Managing Organisational Change. (2nd Ed.) Chichester: John Wiley and Sons

Hultman, K. (1979) The Path of Least Resistance. Denton, TX: Learning Concepts.

Kotter, J., P. and Schlesinger, L., A. (1979) Choosing Strategies for Change. Harvard Business Review, Vol.57, no. 2 pp.106-114

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Wheatley, M., J. and Kellner-Rogers, M. (1996) A Simpler Way. San Francisco, CA: Berrett-Koehler Publishers  

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